Why You Should Choose a CDT

As denture experts, proprietors Colin J Dean and Jonathon Dean are qualified Clinical Dental Technician (CDT). Only CDTs or dentists are allowed to deal directly with you in relation to the making of your dentures. It is possible to find normal technicians who will deal with you, but they will not have the requisite training and so may not have the appropriate safeguards in place.

Extensive Training

CDTs have to undergo extensive training, which covers a wide range of skills, including those that dentists have traditionally undertaken. Only once the training has been carried out, are they allowed to work directly with the public.

Save Time by Coming to Us Directly

Coming directly to a CDT can often save you more time than if you decide to go through your dentist. The dentures will need to be made by a dental technician. By coming to us, you are cutting out the middle man, which means that there should be fewer visits to us because the fitting isn't right.

Additionally, a CDT will know more about and have access to the latest in denture technology.

Whether you are having problems with your old set or need your first set of dentures, remember to come to our denture specialists. You can phone up for an appointment or send your query to us via email by filling in the contact form.

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